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111 Lincoln Ave. (Large Group)
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PHONE NUMBERS: (732) 861-8008
(732) 793-6200
(732) 793-6233
FAX: (732) 793-0044
E-MAIL: info@shorebeachhouses.com
Please send all deposits to: PO Box 37
Seaside Heights, NJ 08751

*Reservation & Cancellation Rules & Policies:

  • Call for Rates for a Week, Weekend and 3 or 4 Nights Weekday Packages.  
  • Additional applicable taxes: 14.625% (6.625% State Tax, 5%, NJ State Occupancy Tax, 3% City Tax)
  • Rates subject to change without notice.
  • Reservation required to guarantee rates.
  • Deposit required on all reservations.
  • Absolutely no refund on any deposits.
  • Balance due upon arrival. No Personal Checks accepted.
  • Credit Card, Bank Check, Money Order accepted.
  • No Refunds after Check-In.


pdf form Credit Card Authorization Form

pdf form Parent Authorization Form

  • Call for weekdays SPECIALS Packages !!

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